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Trying to diagnose the cause of regular "DSL link down" events

I've been getting DSL link down for about 2-3mins at a time increasingly frequently. My G.Fast line was installed about 18 months ago (I am less than 50m from the cabinet) with no problems initially. In the last 4 months I have been having DSL link down starting at once per fortnight, then weekly and now every 3 or 4 days (sometimes more frequently).

The timing of the link down does not seem to be at any particular time of day. Predominantly it happens during daytime, but two or three drops have taken place in the middle of the night.

My Home Hub stats are below. Any thoughts? Could it be an interfering device in the home? (not sure which one though..)


Product code:Smart Hub 2


Serial number:xxxxxxxxxxxxx


Firmware version:v0.27.06.04290-BT


Firmware updated:Sun Jul 11 12:07:36 2021


Board version:R01


GUI version:1.74 12_11_2020


DSL uptime:0 days,00 Hours03 Mins46 Secs


Data rate:49.147 Mbps / 329.404 Mbps


Maximum data rate:60.427 Mbps / 596.568 Mbps


Full Fibre (FTTP) Mode:Off


Noise margin:10.6 / 17.1


Line attenuation:0.0 / 18.9


Signal attenuation:0.0 / 18.9


VLAN id:101


Upstream error control:Off


Downstream error control:Off


Data sent / received:20.2 MB Uploaded  / 646.3 MB Downloaded




BT Wi-fi:Activated


2.4 GHz wireless network name:xxxxxxxxx


2.4 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel1)


5 GHz wireless network name:xxxxxxxxxxx


5 GHz wireless channel:Smart (Channel36)


Wireless security:WPA2 (Recommended)


Wireless mode:Mode 1




MAC address:xxxxxxxxxxxx


Software variant:-


Boot loader:0.1.7-BT (Thu Nov 30 09:45:22 2017)
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Re: Trying to diagnose the cause of regular "DSL link down" events

Have you tried the first, simplest quiet line test? 17070 option 2, best with corded phone.

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Re: Trying to diagnose the cause of regular "DSL link down" events

Thanks for the reply. I did the silent line test - heard nothing. Repeated at various times of day too.

At a bit of a loss to be honest.

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