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Not sure if the 4G solution uses the same device as Hybrid connect, but this thread may be of interest

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Thanks for the responses and the useful link.

I managed to get a used 4g router off eBay cheap. So think my best course of action is to get a payg EE sim and use for a week or two and see how it fairs, should give me a good enough indication of how the signal/speed will be. Can then make an informed decision whether to move the the 4g or stay on the dsl.

The dsl is slow at 3mb, but has been bullet proof the last few months, so don’t want to jump on the 4g wagon too quick in case speed is inconsistent .

this should help me decide.

thanks all again

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just an update for anyone in the same predicament 😊 

I have got a solution now that has the best of both worlds 😊

I have my adsl just as the general WiFi around the house and have the 4g router with WiFi turned off, with power lines to the kids consoles and the smart TVs for streaming. Gives a nice balance and not totally dependent on one or the either.

best thing is, the adsl and the 4g(got unlimited 4g sim for £20 a month) works out the same price as just BT/4EE 4g setup.

Might be best solution for a lot of people 👍

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