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Ubiquiti USG with BT Digital Voice

I have recently been moved over to BT's Digital voice system. Not really a problem in itself, have to keep the phone connected to the Router (Smart Hub 2) on the FTTP line, instead of the microfilter on the copper line.


However, due to some issues with my work, I am having to install and setup a Unifi Security Gateway (3P) at home. In an ideal world, I would simply unplug the BT SH2 and replace it with the USG in PPPOE mode. However due to the digital voice system I am unable to do so as of course it needs to be connected to the SH2. 

I have attempted to install it in the following setup instead:


However, although the controller and USG are up and running the network works correctly, I then have no internet access at all. I have tried this setup multiple ways, with the DHCP server on the SH2 disabled (and assigned the ip, with the USG running the DHCP server, the WAN set up with the ip of, gateway .254 and then the LAN as and as the DHCP Range.

I'd hoped this would allow me to run the network as is, but any devices connected to the switch get no internet connectivity. 


Its very possible I've missed something stupidly obvious but I just can't work out how this can be setup. Is there an alternative way to connect the digital voice service? Or even go back to the old copper system! 

Thanks in advance for any help! 

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Re: Ubiquiti USG with BT Digital Voice


The SH2 is the only device that can be used with Digital Voice. There is no longer any option to return to an analogue phone connection, as the exchange equipment is being ceased.

There have been multiple posts on this forum regarding alternative LAN side configurations

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Re: Ubiquiti USG with BT Digital Voice

Have you set DNS server addresses on the USG? Either the hub at or third party server addresses.

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