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What are my broadband options?

Hi there,

Apologies if this has been discussed before, but I'm struggling to find any clear and concise information on this topic.

I have just moved into a studio flat in Greater London and I'm trying to sort out broadband, but all of the comparison sites seem to promise me great download/upload speeds for me to then be told later down the line that it's not possible at my address.

The picture I've attached is the only broadband related socket I can see in the property. Is it possible to tell from this what my options are?

If anyone could just simply explain what I'm looking at and what my options are I'd be extremely grateful! 

Thank you!


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Re: What are my broadband options?


Unless you intend to use BT as your provider, this forum would not be able to help, as this is a BT Retail customer forum.

You will need to place an order with your chosen provider and see what is offered. It may be that only standard broadband is available.

You just have a normal Openreach master phone socket.


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Re: What are my broadband options?

Thank you for the reply!

In that case, are there any limitations to the standard broadband with the Openreach socket in terms of speed? If so, what can be done to get better broadband? Would it just require some kind of engineer to help me install fibre?


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Re: What are my broadband options?

Openreach provide the network, so it depends on what they have available already, to supply to providers.

You could try this form

Use your address.


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Re: What are my broadband options?

Hi @JackWalt and welcome back.

@Keith_Beddoe advice is sound. Tyr using the link he's posted. It will give you an idea of what's available. You could also try contacting our sales team for advice on 0800 800 150.



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