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Whole Home app wants to set up network as new.

Been running a 4 disc premium setup for a few months. 5th disc arrived today, followed setup instructions, new disc was solid red, hit the wps button and it and the main disc start flashing green. Get error Setup-042. Try same process 3 time same error. 

Advice on here said to hardwire the new disc which I did and it came on solid blue instead of red. Tried the add new disc flow again but same result. Then factory reset the new disc while hard wired, again as per here. Both it and the main disc went purple. 

After this the app thinks the network has never been setup, then asks me for admin password and to switch off all other discs. 
Delete and reinstall app, same result  


Tbh every time I’ve had issues with the system it’s been a pain to get it going again. Any advice please, I’ve spent hundreds of pounds on this and it’s so flaky.

Ran Apple network with extender before this and none of these issues, none of this inability to see what’s really going on, sadly they don’t make those devices any more.  

Do I really have to switch all the discs off and go through rebuilding the whole mesh again, potentially losing all the device groupings etc? Family zooms happening and tomorrow morning it’s work from home and can’t risk the network being down. 

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Re: Whole Home app wants to set up network as new.

Hi @alan21 I'm sorry to see you've had trouble adding another disc to your Whole home wifi setup. Did you manage to get this sorted?



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Re: Whole Home app wants to set up network as new.

Hi Neil

I did, I got up early on Monday morning and powered the network off, configured it as new, each of the 3 discs that came with the premium pack, then discover the 2 additional discs. 

There was a firmware update available, which despite auto update being checked, it hadn’t been applied, so did that on rebuild of the network too. 

Hopefully it will be stable from here.


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Re: Whole Home app wants to set up network as new.

Thanks for getting back to me @alan21 I'm glad to hear that worked. If you do have any issues in the future check out these Whole Home wifi FAQ's as there are some tips that may help. 



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