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WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Hi all

I just got a Pixel 6 Pro and want to enable wifi calling as I am in a bit of a not-spot. I have no options anywhere in the phone to turn wifi calling on. If I do the *#*#4636#*#* code, all the option for VoLTE and WiFi Calling show as disabled with no option to turn them on. I took my sim out and placed in an old iPhone and WiFi calling is active. This tells me the service is correctly provisioned at BT's side. The Pixel 6 definitely supports WiFi calling and I've evidence it is working fine with other providers. Has anyone any knowledge of this stuff? Lots of conflicting threads about phone firmware needing to be "upgraded", settings needing to be sent from BT to the phone etc.  I previously had a Pixel 2 XL and wasn't able to get wifi calling going on that either. I understand BT use the EE network and there's guidance on EE's website how to turn on wifi calling on Pixels so it would seem to be supported. Can't help thinking some settings need sending to my phone from BT. 

At a loss and hoping someone can advise.


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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Hi @PennWoodPokemon, welcome to the forum, and thanks for your post. Sorry that you are having a problem setting up the WiFi calling.

Please give us a call on 0800 800 150 and speak with the BT Mobile team as they would be best placed to help you with this.



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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Worked out of the box for me:


network and internet

Calls and SMS

Wi-Fi Calling

(click) BT


Phone (app)

3 dots top right



Wi-Fi Calling

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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Glad to hear you have it working on a 6 Pro. On my phone I just don't have those options. Under Calls and SMS I have two greyed out items - Calls BT One phone and SMS BT One phone. Neither option is "clickable". Similar in the phone app itself - no reference to WiFi Calling anywhere. I tried my SIM in an iphone 6s and WiFi Calling is working so I know my contract has it provisioned. AFAIK BT Onephone uses the same backend provider as BT Mobile ie EE. Can't help thinking some settings of some description needs to be sent to my phone. Frustrating that I am still missing these options as I have basically zero reception where I live. Arrggghh.

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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

is this a business phone as 'BT One Phone' appears to be a business product not sure if that is causing a problem

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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

How weird that the option isn't there, if it makes you feel any better i have lost the use of 5G with my Pixel 6 Pro  🙄

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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Yep - frustrating. Just got my son a PAYG EE SIM for his phone - Pixel 2 XL. With that SIM in his phone he gets WiFi Calling. If I put that SIM in my Pixel 6, WiFi Calling is there as an option. If I put my BT SIM in his Pixel 2, no WiFi Calling and as I said, no WiFi Calling with the BT SIM in the Pixel 6. Sort of points to an issue with the BT SIM but I get WiFi Calling if I put the BT SIM in an iphone 6s. Does the APN come into play with this maybe?


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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Also have a Pixel 6 Pro and have no VoLTE or VoWiFi available, I've worked with the BTOne phone support team who have triple checked that the settings on the account are correct, but still the 4G calling and Voice over WiFi options are unavailable on handset.  Swapping my BT SIM in to an old Huawei P30 Pro or iPhone 7 I get 4G calling and VoWiFi, sticking a '3' SIM in to the Pixel I get 4G calling and VoWiFi.  No progress in the 3 months I've had the phone, living in an area with poor coverage I have to lean out of an upstairs window to receive SMS messages or make a phone call which in 2022 is very frustrating.  If I had a consumer BT account I'm assured these features would work properly.

Anyone had any success?

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Re: WiFi Calling on Pixel 6 Pro

Might be better posting on the BT Business forum as you’re more likely to find someone there who may have experienced similar.

Android phones in general are more hit and miss for those features compared to iPhones, but good luck.

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