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Wifi Calling to Australia

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Hi all, hope someone can help. I have a new mobile with wifi calling enabled, I am on a fast fibre wifi connection at home, I called my brother in Australia only to find a charge of nearly 7 pounds on my bill for a mobile data call. 

Can anyone tell me, does wifi calling not work to call abroad. I can see the wifi calling symbol enabled on my phone. 

Thank you in advance for any help

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Re: Wifi Calling to Australia

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WiFi calling does not give you free calls. It's there as a backup for when there is a poor mobile signal in your area and calls are routed through your broadband but are charged according to your package. If you want free international calls via your mobile data or WiFi Network you'll need to do it through WhatsApp or something similar

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Re: Wifi Calling to Australia

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First things first...

Wifi Calling doesn't mean you will gets free calling abroad, whilst it's just another layout of connection.  With iPhone, it's just works, with Android phones, BT guarantee full functionality for phones brought from BT only (in real world it will be almost any Android phone with WiFicall option switched ON without trouble.


Means, if You do voice call over WiFi calling, this will goes down to Your plan allowances on voice calls, or be charged accordingly as phone call abroad, depends your plan.

I do believe, only voice calls are included, not Video calls.

There shouldn't be surcharge for data, whilst you doing call over WiFi network, regardless if it's call to UK or to Australia. This valid for standard voice calls.


WiFi call is not used for things like WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Skype, etc. etc. they goes down to Your data allowance.

It's strange if you was charged for data at all.


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Re: Wifi Calling to Australia

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Thanks both. I think i was kind of hoping that wifi calling was set up the same as wattsap etc. Not to worry. A lesson learned.