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Wifi pausing every 30 seconds on Zoom call

Wifi pausing every 30 seconds on Zoom call. I have a new hub and 70Mb of speed, but when I am on a Zoom or Teams call, the audio pauses for about a second and the screen freezes at the same time. It releases about 1-2 seconds thereafter. This happens regularly, in fact every 35 seconds. I also have BT TV with devices plugged into the wall to put the Wifi signal to the TV, could these be interfering with the signal? Anything else that could explain it? I have the hub sat on a cupboard that contains fuse boxes and electrics.

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Re: Wifi pausing every 30 seconds on Zoom call

Hi @MarkCrew63 welcome back to the community and thanks for posting, I'm sorry about the delay getting back to you. Does only happen on the Zoom and Teams calls or do you lose the connction every 35 seconds regardless of what you're doing online? 

You could try changing the wireless channel and wifi modes on your hub to see if that helps.



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