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XCLOUD not working well with BT Whole Home Premium

Yay, today I have found yet another issue with this great product I have enjoyed owning for the last 12 months… appears that it doesn’t play nice with the game streaming service from Microsoft (xcloud) and keeps dropping frames and causing “Network issues” messages!

Anyone else experiencing these types of issues?


Note: I have FTTP Full 900 so it ain’t my internet speed.

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Re: XCLOUD not working well with BT Whole Home Premium

Hi @Sircoynie,

Thank you for posting. I've been an XCloud user for awhile and was one of the early adopters to try the service. While it is great it is very latency sensitive. As far as I'm aware it still classed as being (BETA) which is a preview stage and not seen as a fully operational product.

There are a few thing you can do you reduce Latency and that's to make sure you are connected to 5Ghz and not 2.4Ghz and reducing the number of devices connected wirelessly when using XCloud.

Connecting directly to the Hub instead of through the whole home disk should remove one link in the network which should help to improve the latency by a small amount.



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Re: XCLOUD not working well with BT Whole Home Premium

So I tested this today and you are correct, my £500 BT whole home premium setup is not only introducing a large amount of latency but it is also introducing a MASSIVE variation in it causing xcloud, stadia and ps now to be unusable on a 1Gb  FTTP connection.

Why is this product so utterly utterly terrible. How can I please get my money back?

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