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bt email

why doesnt have an email address as i am not being answered when i phone them 

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Re: bt email


You may be able to get help on this forum, if you outline your problem, without posting any personal information.


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Re: bt email

well it seems i have to wait a long time on the phone for bt to answer me so i thought send them an email about my enquiry... but bt dont have an email address for customers... if not why not thanking you in advance gs[ or is it that i am expecting tooo much.
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Re: bt email

This is just a customer to customer help forum, but you will find that many questions can be answered here.

BT also have a Live Chat facility which you can use, but like many other organisations, do not have an email address for general enquiries.


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Re: bt email

thanking you but as you say not for general enquiries. [ i just thought it would be a goood idea if they had some form of email for customers gs
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Re: bt email

If you are trying to get through on the phone, and waiting a long time, perhaps someone on this forum can help? 

If it cannot be resolved here, then it can be passed to one of the moderators, who are BT  employees, and they will follow it up.

There are a number of different boards here, and your question can be moved to the appropriate board. There are lots of very knowledgeable members here.

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Re: bt email

thanking you again yes tried phone today no luck i shall try in a week and see if there is anyone answering the bt phones[ although everyone must have be at home ?1]
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