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Re: fibre being run !


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Re: fibre being run !

Looking forward to it

Just a pity that while I am 'just' in a B4RN 'in planning' area, being on an estate across the road from the farm, its not available to us 'townies'. Shame, with its 1gb up and down speeds its faster than anything else available.

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Re: fibre being run !

Hi Gary. What website did you check to show it would be available “soon”. Also how long ago did they do the cabling work?

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Re: fibre being run !

Used the Openreach site which says 'soon' and the fiber was being pulled in my front garden two weeks ago.

I still expect it to be quite a while before it happens, but at least its not likely to be 'years'.

I suppose we are lucky, they have been pulling lots for the new build and our ducts terminate in the same chambers so I imagine it was a sensible option to pull it through to us while they were at it.

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Re: fibre being run !

Great thanks - I’ll keep an eye on the checker. They were pulling ours in on Tuesday, connecting to the CBTs in the underground chambers etc. Looking forward to it. Do you know if when you order it you can ask where the ONT is placed? Where our master socket is there is no power sockets at all so ideally would need to go round the back of the house

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Re: fibre being run !


OR continue to run cables. Found out today that its not in our chamber yet, but should be this month.

So thats about a month so far. Getting nearer
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Re: fibre being run !

@jwatson2323  The order team can't arrange where the ONT is sited. That is something the install engineer will discuss with you.

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Re: fibre being run !

Openreach pulled the fibre through the ducting in my street and those surrounding about 3 - 4 months ago.  At that point was showing on the Openreach site as "soon" but no activity since and actually is now showing "no plans" on the same site.  Spoke with OR and they said Sept to me it would go live.  Either that site isn't very accurate or my area has been taken out of scope.  Neither would surprise me to be honest.

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Re: fibre being run !

So now 5 months later, the web site is no longer saying soon and now says 'no plans' 😞

However, openreach were in the street today and the team confirmed that the build is almost complete and are doing the 'plan upload' stage (or something like that) and it should show up on the website as available to order in the next couple of weeks.

He also confirmed that they have run enough connections for every house in the street.

But why it shows as 'no plans' on the websire I have no idea.

A bit frustrating, but fingers still firmly crossed.

Wonder if I can get my MicroVax 3300 online 🙂

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Re: fibre being run !

and so because the openreach site shows only FTTC, I did the register interest for FTTP and have just got an email saying


Great news!

Your address is part of our Ultrafast fibre rollout programme. We'll keep you updated throughout the process as your address progresses through our build plan.

These are the details we have passed on to our technical team to get started.


So its looking better. Amazing it takes this long, but I suppose

A) we only see a small part of the work and

B) CV19 probably got in the way too

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