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fibre to premises

I had appointment for BT upgrade to Fibre to premises, engineer came but he found that it cannot be done without scaffolding since he had left i have had no contact to let me know what is happening Help please required my download  speed is only 1mp

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Re: fibre to premises

The FTTP team should be able to help you with this. Give them a ring. 0800 587 4787

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Re: fibre to premises

Sounds odd, if there is some reason the engineer couldn’t use a ladder to attach the drop fibre to your property , then a hoist ( cherry picker ) would normally be used, I’ve never heard of scaffolding being used and if it were, who would use it ?, I doubt an OR engineer would be expected to use third party scaffolding ( if it collapsed who would be liable ) and the company that erected the scaffolding couldn’t attach an OR fibre dropwire.
If there were some reason a hoist couldn’t get close enough to be of use , and a ladder wasn’t sufficient, I don't know where you would go there something out of the ordinary about your property ?
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Re: fibre to premises

Scaffolding is used by openreach to get to a pole where there would be no access for a hoist, normally in someone's back garden. 

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Re: fibre to premises

Part of the house is a flat roof and the engineer that came said there is a height limit for a ladder and said that we would need scaffolding. but nobody has been in touch with us.or acknowledged our problem. Our flat part of the roof is no higher than an ordinary house




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Re: fibre to premises

My husband has rung a couple of times but he said he was waiting waiting and waiting on the phone and gave up

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