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gFast issues

Hi, newbie here! Been with BT for several years - upgraded to gFast on 10th August and line stabilised at c130mb (less than 200m from cabinet. Since 28th August Smart Hub began regularly and randomly disconnecting giving WAN connection WAN2_INTERNET_PTM disconnected.[ERROR_NO_CARRIER] event each time (now up to almost 60 events).

Engineers been out twice, line appears perfect, but on Friday they installed a new master socket and there is no internal wiring connected to it, and the phone line tests quiet. Yesterday was stable after 6.30am, but today the problem is back. They're now sending out a new hub.

Question is, beyond a new cable outside, or the new router, is there a known cause for the 'No Carrier' fault, or is gFast just likely to be a pain in the backside?

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Re: gFast issues

Hi @Dac364  welcome to the forum and sorry you are having this fault with your broadband connection. 

Let us know how you get on after you get the new hub. 



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Re: gFast issues

Well I've woken this morning to an engineer in the street lifting covers. Apparently I'm one of three complaints, so there's obviously a problem upstream somewhere!

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Re: gFast issues

Long story short - after numerous calls to BT and various engineers telling me it was probably internal wiring causing interference and not being able to tell me why my Smarthub 2 kept disconnecting continuously, I left you with the news that a new router was on the way (it arrived on Tuesday).

However, things moved on on Monday when I found one of the engineers I'd come to know well by now, lifting inspection covers in the street. He was the same polite chap who couldn't find my fault and suggested it was me...

He now told me I was one of 14 (fourteen) customers with a fault, they were checking lines, but they suspected a faulty line card in the cabinet. The disconnects have continued to today when 'a man from another department' has finally arrived and confirmed a faulty power supply and replaced 2 power inverters in the cabinet. We're now stable again, although line speed is below the 100mb stayfast guarantee. Having had no real problems for several years, this has reminded me how BT and OpenReach don't communicate very well and how slow OpenReach are to respond between departments. We'll see how thing go before I take on the line speed issue - my gFast line had originally bedded down at 125mb but now seems to be 90. As a result I've not used the new router and will probably send it back as I now know it wasn't the problem.


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Re: gFast issues

Another update. The connection issues seem to have eased, but line speed is slow. An engineer has told another neighbour with a fault that the cabinet has faulty line cards that they've known about since April

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