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smart hub 2 wifi speed capped at 866Mbs?

hi. I'm using my BT smart hub 2 with my Occulus Quest 2 VR headset, wirelessly, so I can play PCVR based games on my standalone headset. 

I am Lan from my PC to the router. the only wireless bit is 2 or 3 metres within the same room, between the router and the headset itself.

out of the box, without changing any settings, I am achieving 866Mbs via 5ghz. it's really stable but at this bandwidth it is throttling the resolution of the game. I have been considering adding a 2nd higher spec ac router to increase the transfer rate over 5ghz wireless. But having looked at the specs of the smart hub 2, it says it should be able to achieve 1733Mbs, double the bandwidth I'm getting. really grateful if someone can explain  if I can double my bandwidth via settings or whether 866Mbs is the most I can without adding a second router. thanks

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Re: smart hub 2 wifi speed capped at 866Mbs?

The real world speed  of 802.11ac is a maximum of 1Gbps so you are probably maxing out the available bandwidth.


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Re: smart hub 2 wifi speed capped at 866Mbs?

802.11ac wireless speeds of 1733Mbps over a 2x2 MIMO connection require 160MHz channels which I'm not the SH2 supports - its maximum speed of 1733Mbps would require a 4x4 MIMO connection.  The Quest 2 does support 802.11ax so perhaps you need to look at a separate AX router or wireless access point.

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Re: smart hub 2 wifi speed capped at 866Mbs?

866Mb/s is WiFi 5/AC in a 2x2 configuration.

The Smart Hub 2 has WiFi 5/AC in a 4x4 antenna configuration. 1733Mb/s is the max theoretical link speed for 4x4 AC at an 80MHz channel width.

2x2 is the most common layout, and indeed the Quest 2 VR has this configuration, but also supports WiFi 6/AX for a link speed of 1200Mb/s. Your connection will run at the slowest link in the chain, and therefore 866Mb/s is the max speed possible without upgrading the router to WiFi 6.

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Re: smart hub 2 wifi speed capped at 866Mbs?

thanks very much for the responses - probably an ax router then

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