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Even when I mark an email as spam all future emails go to my Inbox. Nothing to Spam. Why please?

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Re: spam

@jamboni wrote:

Even when I mark an email as spam all future emails go to my Inbox. Nothing to Spam. Why please?

Because you will probably find that if you check the headers of the spam emails they are not coming from the email addresses that they purport to have been sent from.

This will be because the addresses will have been spoofed and therefore you are not actually blocking the genuine email address.

see link about spoofing.

BBC - WebWise - What is spoofing?

The spam filters will eventually catch up and/or the spammers will move onto to plague somebody else.

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Re: spam

So i'm curious what about the domain options. I've tracked a few through recently - especially the ones that just have an unsubscribe option. At present there is a domain of trollhatton.me - recently opened in the last month according to ipvoid and other tools.

So as asked in another message, but no response,  will using block domain rather than sender perhaps be a better option. I'm not wholly convinced it will as one of the tools suggested these domains will equally not be around very long.

Any answers gratefully received 😉

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Re: spam

Life's too short to try to defeat spammers. Just learn to live with it and delete them as they arrive.

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Re: spam

i'm not trying to defeat them i'm just trying to stop them keep appearing that's the point of training the email tools that the system I assume are capable of. Whats the point of the options otherwise.

I get your point but its just damned annoying that i get then so much now and it takes time to sort the wheat from the chaff.

I get the sentiment though

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Re: spam

I guess I'm lucky, I don't get that much spam so easy to deal with.

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Re: spam

Block the domains if you wish but as you have said yourself " these domains will equally not be around very long".

You might find it easier to push water up hill than to stop spam particularly if you are receiving a lot of spam. It is most likely that your email address is on the spammers "live list" of email addresses and as such you will be targeted on a regular basis.

If it is a serious problem the only answer is to start a new "clean" email address and be careful where you post the address. 



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Re: spam

Yeah you are probably right. The current offending domain is < 30 days old some tools say its in london and others say its somewhere else. the name itself suggests its in scandinavia and the links i have seen under the unsubscribe link suggest when traced suggest its elsewhere one tool does suggest its a suspect domain due to the way its set up but who knows. 

Just damned annoying. I've seen the url that the unsubscribe points to with exactly the same setup but different domains. 

oh well ...

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