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speeds and dropping out

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so with no help after a visit and online assistance what can i do?

fed up of constantly dropping out service which happens for up to 4 hours a day, with fabulous speeds of up to 6 Mbps on a good day can i just get rid of the service altogether? - i cannot stream anything, VOIP is pointless and even the standard phone line is crackly 

can i just cease the service as it is not fit for purpose and send back the equipment - we have been a customer for 18 months and the service has not got any better



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Re: speeds and dropping out

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Check to see what is available on your line.

Please edit out your phone number before you post the result, but leave the exchange name and cabinet number showing.

A noisy line will affect your broadband connection, so that is what you need to report to BT, as unless that is fixed, your broadband will not get better.

Did Openreach sort out the noisy line when they visited?

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Re: speeds and dropping out

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hello, and thank you for replying,

when the engineer visited he did not enter the premises as we were experiencing a power cut due to the storms ( so not that recent) since then i have complained about this very issue with no reply or resolution, kind of fed up now as there seems to be little i can do


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Re: speeds and dropping out

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Hi, @Tobes68 I'm really sorry to see you're experiencing problems with your broadband.  I'll send you a private message in a moment so you can send over your details to the moderation team and we'll be happy to organise another engineer visit. 



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