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Re: BT Big Button 4000 phone keeps showing "Power Cut" message

The base station is plugged into a brand new extension lead along with a router, which hasn't suffered any power issues, so this is definitely not being caused by a "real" power cut.  The phones are more than a year old, so not sure if they are still under warranty.  I'm certainly not going to be throwing good money after bad and if they are replaced, it will be with a different phone, although at the moment I have no intention of replacing them, just living with the fault.

... just determined they are sold with a 1 year warranty.  Clearly BT don't expect them to last longer than this otherwise they would give them a decent warranty, but that's no different to other manufacturers/suppliers.  Unfortunately, we live in a throw away society and products are made to be cheap and replaceable rather than actually lasting a reasonable length of time.

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