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BT-Essentials-Wi-Fi-Extender-300 - Updating Firmware?

I am trying to set up a BT-Essentials-Wi-Fi-Extender-800 I purchased a while ago and I am only now trying to set it up. I have managed to get the extender functioning although when I checked the firmware it appears to be out of date. The current firmware is stating:

Current Firmware Version:V12.01.01.28_en

Checking the BT firmware upgrades for extenders there appears to be two different variations for V1 and V2 extenders. I believe that I have version 1 because there is no V2 on the ID Label.

I downloaded firmware "Extender300_V1_1_5.img" for V1. When I attempt to do the update I get a message that the file is too large and the upgrade stops and reboots.

Please could someone confirm if I am using the correct firmware?




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