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BT Mini Connector Replacement

I have had BT TV for 6 years during which time it has been connected to my router via a pair of BT Mini Connectors which were supplied by BT as part of the TV installation kit. The TV box and Mini Connectors worked perfectly for 6 years until a couple of months ago the TV box occasionally reported that it could not connect to the internet despite all other devices around the house having no issues. After a minute or so, the TV box started working again and could stream internet channels.

After a couple of weeks, the BT TV internet connection issue became a hard error and on investigation I found one of the BT Mini Connectors had no lights showing and cycling the power or moving the Mini Connector to another socket made no difference - when switched on, none of the lights even flashes or illuminates. Fortunately I had some old powerline adapters from before signing up to BT TV, so I reverted to those and the BT TV box has worked without issue since then.

Ergo - one of the BT Mini Connectors is dead. To parody the famous Monty Python parrot sketch, it's passed on, this mini connector is no more, it has ceased to be, it's expired and gone to meet its maker, it's bereft of life!

Should BT replace the dead mini connector free of charge under my BT TV contract ?

The BT help page for mini connectors shows an image of the same passthrough BT Mini Connectors and says they can be bought from the EE Store but the linked page doesn't exist and I can't find the same BT Mini Connectors anywhere else on the EE Store and can only find TP LINK and Devolo Magic devices. Can I mix and match one of these with the BT devices or do I have to have a matching pair of connectors ?


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