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GOP box in window sill

Hi there

I am looking for some advice. 

We are getting new windows fitted including a new window sill. At the moment we have an old looking GOP BOX attached to our window sill (photo attached).  It looks so old that I suspect it is not in use anymore. However, I am not sure if I can just remove it?

How do I know if it is connecting anything or if it is just left over old equipment? 

If it is just old equipment can I just remove it? Or do I need to contact BT who are our providers?

Any suggestions welcome





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Re: GOP box in window sill

that is a junction box where the openreach cable from the outside connects to the internal cables.  do you still connect your phone and broadband to the openreach phone socket or do you have FTTP and digital voice?

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Re: GOP box in window sill

Thanks for your reply 

I don’t think we do, but not sure. 

we don’t use the landline for a phone anymore but this is how we connect to the Bt router (picture attached)

Does this show that we have FTTP? 

Fiona 12074EF5-CFBB-4BAF-AF51-A0876465BC7A.jpeg

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Re: GOP box in window sill

Whatever that second  is of , it’s not BT or Openreach equipment, if you have service from a telegraph pole you presumably will be able to see the cable from the pole to your house , and be able to visually trace that cable to the master phone socket and deduce if that old PO block terminal is part of your current wiring ….if it is , officially you should be asking for your service to be relocated before the windows are replaced, it’s pretty much the same if your service is underground ( possibly harder to locate though ) , from where the cable enters the house to the master socket , determine if the block on the window sill is part of the cabling route , and still ‘live’.
Only if you feel confident enough, and you have access to a ‘multimeter’ you could take the cover off and check for voltage, if it’s ‘live’ it will have 50v DC on it ( 50v isn’t a harmful voltage ) but obviously you would need to take care.

If the installation has never been faulty in the relatively recent past , and has pretty much existed as it is now for decades then it probably will be ‘live’ , however if the line has had work , for a repair or reinstall , it could be redundant but never removed as it would look worse removed than leaving it in place 

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Re: GOP box in window sill


We’re having the same discussion at the moment. How did you resolve? Did you get a technician in?

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