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Hybrid connect

Hi so no full fibre for 4 weeks now hybrid connect kicked in and was working great woke up Friday morning 18th March was flashing red assumed it was down to the fog and couldn't get a signal came home from work still the same called bt and they sent a new hybrid connect out received yesterday tried  connecting with no luck was told to factory reset and now just flashes green when I connect to smart hub after a while the connect light goes to solid white I believe that means firmware update but I have no broadband so does it do this update over the 4g network 

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Re: Hybrid connect

My hybrid connect has been flashing red bars for 2 days now.
Smart hub 2 firmware was updated to V33 on 17th April....
Automated checks from BT Help reset the Smart Hub 2, , but there are still 3 flashing red bars, and the Home Hub diagnostics show a signal strength of 107dB. I usually get 103dB, which is 2 bars (not "good" as the diagnostics state, but functional, presumably).
Local signal strength maps show a possible weak EE signal locally, and the BT mobile iPhone 8 Plus strength shows only 1 bar. 
Perhaps a "real" signal outage???

Will try to chat with BT but I suspect that there will be a long waiting time.
BT 150mbps FTTP in use, and speeds are good.  

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