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Re: Hub 2 Changed color scheme recently?


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BT Smart Hub 2

Hi, just had a question about the sh2 speeds when strictly on 2.4 ghz

When standing in front of the router I’m getting max 90 mbps on the full fibre 500, 5 ghz is working as expected.

This is on all devices -iphones, tv, android phones, ipads, macbooks and lenovos (I deactivated 5 ghz band on router settings to check).

Is there a limit on 2.4 ghz speed?


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Re: BT Smart Hub 2

There is a limit to 2.4 GHz speeds but it's considerably higher than that.

In theory 2.4GHz can support up to 600Mb/s in ideal conditions whereas the widely used 802.11n protocol is rated at a maximum of 300Mb/s.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 2

How are you checking the speed, is it using the BT speed tester or another speed tester. I would suggest that you try a number of different speed testers to see if there is any variation.

You should also turn off all your connected devices, this includes any smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and smart home devices, except the one you are testing as a slow device can slow down the connection for all devices.

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

Update: I was testing friends router on older firmware in the week in her flat (same building) and issues were not happening in the week and the connection was working fine.

Her Smart Hub 2 updated to the latest firmware v0.33.00.12274 sometime on Friday and now I've been testing it today on Easter Sunday....

Her Smart Hub 2 is on the latest firmware now, is having exactly the same issues as mine and other customers does regarding wifi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) downloads going wrong every few seconds down to 10's to 100s of Kbps and services such as streaming, youtube and video calls eg zoom and vpn services are dropping and failing.

Pretty convincing at this point that it's a common trend here regarding the latest firmware causing this for Smart Hub 2 routers.

I'm happy for BT to contact me regarding taking ownership of the issue if relevant staff need more info/testing etc.

Firmware should always be tested thoroughly before pushing out to customers and from what I've investigated, it looks like the firmware has had bad bugs for a few versions now but this bug is very obvious and having very severe consequences for customers trying to use the service they are paying for.

What makes this worse is that even basic usage case testing would have shown these issues up before customers had to suffer.

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Re: BT Smart Hub 2

Thank you for your responses, ordered a new router with the technical team. We went live last week but both me and the fibre support team could not use the bt speed tester. It just came back with errors.

I used 3 different online speed testers (, ookla and google) to check.

Standing in front of router with 2 laptops and a phone connected, 5 ghz band gave me expected speeds. 2 ghz band (walked out of room reconnected as splitting was not possible on sh2) gave me varying results but on average 10 mbps, with the occasional 90. They tried resetting and refreshing, ultimately just ordered new router.

Will see if that fixes issue!

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Re: BT Smart Hub 2

Was it this tester that they were using?

BTW Performance Tester (

If not, run a test and see what it states.


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Re: BT Smart Hub 2

Search for this tag on the forum
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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

Have you factory reset the hub post upgrade to ensure the firmware is fully initialised?

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

Yep as per my other posts it's all been done as I used to tech for VM Fibre.
At this point only common factor seems to be firmware version for affected customers.

Still waiting on seeing staff post around here, are they even reading this forum these days for issues?
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