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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

I only have one entry closely related to time of failure:  

01:41:20 22 Apr. DoS(UDP Loopback): IN=ppp0 OUT= MAC= src=x.x.x.x DST=x.x.x.x LEN=29 TOS=0x00 PREC=0x00 TTL=245 ID=54321 PROTO=UDP SPT=36732 DPT=19 LEN=9 MARK=0x8000000

On the flip side, I now have had 4h 5m of uptime, although its been up there have been few periods where web pages take long to respond, google nest, hive don't respond.  At those times I don't see anything on the logs.


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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

Oooops, that looks like a PPOE/PPP problem

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

I didn't want to post this yet 🤞, but could this be it, after 9-10 days of issues? I finally have
 1day 7h and 1m of uptime!     

Fingers crossed now.  😁  I don't know what's changed but seems to be behaving itself.

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

@Ash007  I have over 7 days uptime.

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

Well following replacement of the Whole Home Premium with Whole Home Wifi 6, I finally have a working mesh network. Whether it was hardware or firmware related I will probably never know but at least it works.  The smart hub interface does not look pretty but it appears that it was largely the WHW at fault.  I am now getting 138 MPS download  on a wifi connected iPhone instead of < 100 so a major improvement and >143 on a hardwired connection.  Router reports as 159 but its fast enough for all I need, and now seems to be much more stable.  I hope that Smart Hub 3 will be made available to G fast but for the mean time this seems much better and that perhaps people with continuing issues should persevere with achieving hardware replacement.

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

My SH 2 updated this morning. As already mentioned in this thread, the accessing of Smart Setup is well hidden and made as difficult as possible to access. I certainly wouldn;t have known how to access it without the help of this thread.

What really confused me initially is that on clicking 'Advanced' and entering the Hub Manager password the first screen you then see is the option to change your password, as if that is mandatory.

I've made a note for myself on all this and saved it as a future reference because its on of those things that when you actually need it you will have forgotten how to do it.

To access Smart Setup.

1/ Access Hub Manager

2/ Click 'Advanced Settings'.

3/ Click 'System' and enter password as requested.

4/ Now open new browser tab and goto:

EDIT... Link to access Smart Setup directly flagged as an error and the forum would not allow it to be attached. 

BT really don't want this setting to be easily found.

As to the new firmware, I wonder if its being rolled out on an exchange/area basis related to the forthcoming voip changeover. 

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

Keep in mind that this is an update to the hub's operating software, not completely new operating software. 

Access to  "Smart Set Up" may no longer be needed once the hub has been updated if it is turned off by default with the updated software.

Users that have done a factory reset since the update would be able to check if Smart Set Up is turned on or off. It should be turned on if the default has NOT been changed to turn it off.

It is possible that it is still accessible, albeit by a convoluted process as it could still be needed by the hub users who  have as yet not been updated because on the earlier software it is turned on by default and the user may wish to turn it off.

I have asked the moderators to try and get conformation if "Smart Set Up" is now turned off by default on the latest software.

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2

@gg30340 I have just tried a factory reset (a hard reset via the button on the Hub) and can confirm that Smart Set up is still showing as OFF. 

My reason for doing a reset (besides trying what you mentioned) was to get the original Hub Manager password back as I had altered it earlier thinking it was a required step. 5Ghz band was back on by default, now turned off. Manual setting of wireless channel back to Ch1 also done although curiously Smart Channel had actually picked Ch 1 as most suitable which is quite satisfying as I can imagine my previous use of Ch1 has caused everyone else's hardware to move elsewhere (lol).

So all good up to now.


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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2


Thanks for doing that and reporting back.

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Re: Issues post firmware upgrade home hub 2


Just a quick message to say I am in contact with a 3rd BT person via forum PM regarding this issue and also now I am helping to provide info and evidence via Ashley for the Hub Team.

I will be posting all info here on my next post as clear as possible and will provide tests which evidence the issue via likely a private youtube video (link to follow).

Contact is via email/phone with Ashley but I will post here as well for forum staff and affected customers to follow in this thread.

I will provide timestamps and the youtube video will show system time clearly but also I will be posting full router logs with IP redacted etc in case the log info is of use regarding these Wi-Fi (intermittent but very often) issues.

Hope that helps all involved and the grey UI was intentional for those that wondered...