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Re: Master socket 5c moving?

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"Just go to local paper and get a telecom engineer and they will move socket cheaper than openreach and probably quicker as well"

I had my master socket moved from the hall in to the lounge about 10 years ago. I paid BT to arrange for Openreach to do it officially.

I was having a lot of problems with my internet connection back then, and Openreach were regular visitors to us for faults. The next time they came, it was an engineer who had been here a few times before, but not the one who moved the socket.

He already knew where the socket had been moved to without me telling him - he had it in his job notes.

If the OP follows your advice, are they likely to encounter problems in the future if they have a line fault and Openreach find that the master socket is not where there records say it should be?

Or aren't they that bothered in reality?



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Re: Master socket 5c moving?

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Should there be a problem after a local telecom engineer then if engineer cannot fix his work then openreach will come and fix. Engineer will not be bothered where socket is just his work is to get problem fixed and move to next job on list

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