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Original Whole Home discs suddenly giving error 42

I have 3 of the original (white) Whole Home discs, which have worked fine until today.  I am actually only using 2.

Suddenly, after a power outage, the second disc (not directly connected to the modem) started showing a red light and the app shows it offline.

I ended up 'removing' the disc and adding at anew.  The app says it has found the new disc but then reports error-42.

I tried the 3rd disc which was not currently in use.  That also shows error-42

I have not had to make any changes for years but used not to have any problems when I needed to.  Nasty feeling the app has been updated and does not play well with the original discs?

Help please.  I am reduced to just the one disc connected to the modem.

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