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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208426 Early Adopter Release now live

Hi @johnbusby ,

I was thinking about your master disc re-election problem crash.  I think that I’ve inadvertently avoided this happening on my setup and thus not falling victim to the same issue you reported.  

I have only one disc connected to the router, this one is always the master, it never changes.  I’ve chained a small gigabit switch into the second port of this disc, and the remaining discs into this switch.  In effect therefore I have a dedicated backhaul switch.  My other wired devices all connect into a different switch via the router and are completely separate from the Wi-Fi one.   I’ve also tried daisy chaining the discs together as a backhaul instead of using the switch, this also prevents master re-election and appears to work.

I’m thinking that your configuration probably has the discs all on an equal footing, connected into the router.  Out of interest could you confirm please.  I fully agree that the firmware doing a re-election shouldn’t cause such problems, and BT really need to squash this bug if it’s the cause.  Anyhow, I hope this may assist if a reconfiguration of cables is possible in your case.  In any case I’d be interested to hear if you get anywhere resolving this.


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Re: Premium & Whole Home Wi-Fi 6 SGAB/C208426 Early Adopter Release now live

My premium set were most stable using wireless back haul and only 1 disc connected to LAN, defiantly more system crashes using Ethernet BH to multiple nodes as previously reported.  Never daisy chained my system, LAN always fed from switches.


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