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Re: Wifi Disc Ordering

I'm really struggling with finding where to obtain further discs? I can not get WiFi of any quality in the kitchen end of my house, we have 2 discs and a house full of teenagers I'm struggling to even read on line receipts. I'm loosing the will and going mad looking and not finding. Please help me

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Re: Wifi Disc Ordering

Good morning @Fallenangel,

Welcome to the Community.

I am sorry to see that you weren't aware of how you go about requesting an extra disc. 

Take a look at the following link: What is complete Wi-Fi?

Under the 'What do I get?' section it says:

You'll receive a new Smart Hub 2 and a single Wi-Fi disc in the post when you purchase Complete Wi-Fi. For most households, one disc will provide a strong signal in every room of your home. Please note that the Wi-Fi discs will only work with the new Smart Hub 2.

If you need them, you can request up to two extra discs individually via the online troubleshooter or by speaking to one of our advisors. Our systems will help us understand where you need the signal and if an extra disc will help.

As you already have 2 discs, you may already be aware of this way or you may have contacted us over the phone perhaps? Call is on 0800800150 and request to speak with our broadband help team for a fault. They can troubleshoot your connection and any devices that are struggling to pick up a strong wireless connection. Make sure those devices are in the room with that poor connection as it will make troubleshooting and issuing that third disc a lot quicker.

Let me know how you get on with this, please.



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