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SQM/AQM Support

I've been getting a lot of packet loss from games I've been playing and no matter what I do on my end to try and fix it, nothing quite works but I have recently discovered a feature called SQM/AQM (Smart Queue Management/Active Queue Management) and it lets devices with small queues skip the line of other devices, for example if I am playing games and my brother is watching YouTube, the router will let me skip before my brother video loads meaning you're not waiting for anything as it's a small quick input your trying to get through. It's standard on lots of routers I see but I can't find it on the BT hub Manager. Is there any possible way to turn it on? If not I think BT should release an update to the BT Hub Manager so you can use it. Please respond with anything you might think is helpful to me, Thank You!

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Re: SQM/AQM Support

That sort of facility is not available WITH BT hub and you need to purchase a third party router to get that sort of facility

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