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Smart Hub 2 lock-in to Digital Voice.

I am coming to the end of my contract with BT and I'm being invited to take out another 24 month contract for my broadband and landline. I'm happy to do this but have a problem as the new contract will tie me in to a digital voice landline connection. The problem is that I need to use the Smart Hub 2 to get the digital Voice capabilities and I can't do this because I can't use the Smart Hub 2 because in my setup with port forwarding, it loses the port forwarding setup after a short time and the only way to get it back is to restart the SH2. For this reason, I stopped using the SH2 and replaced it with a Netgear router which does work correctly with port forwarding. I have tried reporting the problem numerous times but the reporting channels are not sophisticated enough to understand and respond correctly to the problem. My last attempt was using chat and I thought that the person I was talking to had understood the problem and will escalate it to the correct department and then find that it has been reported as a line fault. I get a message saying that the fault will be investigated and they will get back to me but, as far as I can tell, it just gets quietly dropped and nothing is done or communicated back to me.

Is there any way to report esoteric problems to BT other than telephoning 151 or chat? 

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Re: Smart Hub 2 lock-in to Digital Voice.

Make sure you have turned off UPnP if you are manually forwarding ports. It may not be the source of the problem but it could be.

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