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Unable to Ping Mobile handset off Desktop with BT Smart Hub 2

As the title says. I recently updated to the smart hub 2 with the wifi disk.  Using a piece of software to monitor my PC offf my Handset which i was able to do witht he older Smart Hub, but every time i try and Ping my Handset IP it comes back saying Request Timed Out and this was initially after it saying C:\Windows\system32>is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file?

I managed to address this, and now its just the Request Timed Out.


The software developer had a look, gave some suggestions but inevitably came back saying, "It seems your computer can't communicate with your phone. You should check with your router. Note that in some countries users had to contact their ISP to disable wifi isolation."


Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions, fixes? 

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