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Whole Home Premium & Pi-Hole

Dear All,


At 8am this morning, having gotten sick of my Whole Home Premium products randomly stopping working in the middle of the night... I embarked upon a quest to fix my network again.  I have been defeated.


For years I have had a Pi-Hole server on my network, alongside a BT Smart Hub and latterly a four disc Whole Home Premium (which cost an arm and a leg).  I had set all the devices on my Network to use Pi-Hole as their DNS server, the Smart Hub remained the DHCP server and everything was working swimmingly.


Then for some reason BT enabled IPV6 on the LAN side of the network... half of my devices received an IPV4 address and the other half an IPV6.  The IPV6 cohort stopped sending their DNS requests to the Pi-Hole and instead went out to BT's DNS servers which resulted in them being flooded with Ad's and other content which I had blocked.


So early this year, I turned off the DHCP server on the Smart Hub and used the Pi-Hole as the DHCP server.  This worked beautifully until late April... When the Whole Home Premium would drop connection to devices across the network... those wired directly into the LAN ports would still have a connection, everything Wireless would report no internet access.


Sometimes turning off the master disc fixed the problem (but only as long as the IP lease time) and others I would get the dreaded flash blue, flash red... solid red.


I've learned that when you are resetting all the disc's back to factory defaults that if you get the "No Discs Found" error... you are best completely deleting the App from your iPhone/iPad and reinstalling it, magically it will find the disc after that.  Top Tip There.


My workaround was to re-enable the Wi-Fi on the smart hub so that iOS devices would fall back to using that when Whole Home Premium went down.  I also put the master hub on a smart plug to turn it off for 10 minutes at night to reset it.


Today, having reset everything back to defaults (starting with the Smart Hub, then all the Whole Home Premium Disc's three times) and with a completely fresh install of Bullseye and Pi-Hole... 

I have discovered that whilst I can get a stable connection when I do not have the Pi-Hole on my network... As soon as that is introduced as DHCP server... the Whole Home Premium starts dropping devices, DNS requests will work for 60% of sites but not the others and eventually everything stops working on Wi-Fi.

If I just direct my DNS traffic to it manually with each device I still have the situation where IPV6 ad's and other blocked sites keep getting through it and all of my PC's, Phones and Tablets get flung onto IPV6 by the Smart Hub.


I can't find anyway to disable IPV6 on the LAN side (Why?!? Why do I need it on the LAN!!) and there seems to be a fundamental lack of compatibility with non-BT DHCP / DNS devices which renders the network inoperable if they are on it.


As an aside, if I enable WiFi on the Smart Hub and don't use the Whole Home Disc's at all (fine for 30% of the house) then the Pi-Hole works perfectly as a DHCP server and filters out everything I want it to.  It is only the introduction of the Whole Home Disc's which makes everything fall over.


Has anyone come across this issue and got a fix for it?


NB: If I was on standard ADSL2 or FTTP I would just skip all the BT products and use the Synology RT2600ac I have sitting about.  However, I am on G.Fast and can't buy a DrayTek Vigor 166 Gen. 2 for love nor money at the moment.



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Re: Whole Home Premium & Pi-Hole

@Leebobs wrote:


I can't find anyway to disable IPV6 on the LAN side (Why?!? Why do I need it on the LAN!!) and there seems to be a fundamental lack of compatibility with non-BT DHCP / DNS devices which renders the network inoperable if they are on it.


How do you think IPv6 is going to work on your devices if it isn't enabled on the LAN side?

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Re: Whole Home Premium & Pi-Hole

Do you want IPV6?

Disable this router side if you don't want it. You would need to reboot most if not all devices after you have disabled it on the router.

You should have no issues using your pi-hole as a dhcp server. Are you using upstream dns servers or unbound?

I would recommend comparing logs to see what is going on, router, pi-hole & discs logs first making sure you get the time synced across all 3 as this makes life alot easier.


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Re: Whole Home Premium & Pi-Hole

If you want to use your Synology RT2600ac on, then get an Openreach MT992 modem and you can put almost whatever  router you want on the LAN side.  They're used by BT, and others, on some installs so will be fine. Plenty of other posts on using an MT992 on here as well - no config needed, or indeed possible, on the MT992.

I'm on and ran with an MT992 plus a ASUS router for a while and it was rock solid. Migrated back to a BT SH2 as I went for the hybrid connect. ( My MT992 isn't for sale I'm afraid).

Good luck

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