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Re: Whole Home Wi-Fi 6

I put three in on Saturday.

They all connected ok, initial set up was no problem.

They installed a firmware update.

They flash a lot. I'm continuously seeing flashing purple or red and blue. This should mean there's some sort of problem but the app is reporting them all as working and i can see devices connected to them and those devices are seeming to run fine with the connection. 

So if I wasn't experiencing a working system I'd be ridiculously frustrated rebooting etc trying to clear problems. However they seem to be working fine. Which is odd.

I need to do a bit of a check and see my device connect whilst I'm in front of a disc and see if the light stops flashing or changes etc.

Speed is better around the whole house.

I have a three story house and have router in the hall, with one disc attached, one disc on the landing and one at the back of the house on the ground floor kitchen.

Only been a few days but today I've been working with Teams calls etc and so has my wife. We both seem to have not had any problems. Where as previously she struggled to get a wifi connection form the bedroom on the middle floor. Where as I on the top floor had enough of a wifi connection but I'm straight two floors above the old router. 

Now we both have much better wifi signal and I'm quite happy. I haven't moved all my speakers over to the new wifi yet as they worked ok on the old one and i might leave that running. I'll have a think.

Early days but so far good, I'd just wish they wouldn't flash warnings when they are working fine. (or seem to be).


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