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Whole Home Wifi... device keeps connecting to 'wrong' disc

We have a 3-disc setup with one right outside our bedroom as the signal is weak there for a Smart TV. When we reboot the TV it connects to this disc and gets a very strong signal, but periodically we note streaming is poor and the app confirms it has switched to another hub even though that one is barely able to connect. I'm not sure why, maybe the nearer hub temporarily has some glitch... but why doesn't it reconnect afterwards?

I can't see any settings when/how the hub controls device connection, are there any?

What I would really love is an option in the app against a connected device "disconnect/reconnect" i.e. kick a device off and let it reconnect. Or to tell a disc to prefer which devices it has. Does anything like that exist at all?

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Re: Whole Home Wifi... device keeps connecting to 'wrong' disc

Hi @MrBoy, welcome back and thanks for your post.

You would be best to give the Whole Home Wifi helpdesk a call and they'll be able to help you with this. You can speak with them on  0808 100 6116 and it's open Mon to Fri 9am to 5.30pm and Sat 9am to 2pm



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Re: Whole Home Wifi... device keeps connecting to 'wrong' disc

I'm not sure what they can tell me - I assume they will simply run me through the basic setup and troubleshooting I've already done.

This post is just to check there aren't some settings I've missed. An advanced section would be really neat for power users, or maybe someone has some clever tricks. So assuming that's not the case, please consider this a feature request - specifically 1)to allow me to kick a device or force it to reconnect so it finds the best disc 2)a way to set a preferred disc for a device

What I've done as a workaround is to flip my device from main WiFi to Guest and back, invariably it resets to the best disc... but then devices keep ending up on Guest which isn't ideal either!

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Re: Whole Home Wifi... device keeps connecting to 'wrong' disc

To revisit my own question, the best solution I have found is to block the device for a few seconds, then unblock. This causes it to drop connection and reconnect, normally to the preferred (nearer) disc. 

I would love some more power-user level config on the discs though 🙂

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