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Advice on getting Fibre to my new build


I am moving into a new build next week and have found out that the developer opted for underground copper cables, our neighbours are getting full fibre but assume the are FTTP via overhead cables. From my understanding the only option available to me should be FTTC or GFast as they use copper cables? I have checked and my cabinet is FTTC enabled, but not seeing results using the checker, see screenshot below using my address:


Strangely my new phone number (ex-directory) is showing different results and showing Fibre is available, with "1 Stage" install process, but not sure what this means, see below:


Fibre is essential for my job, so just wondered if anyone could shed some light on this please?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Advice on getting Fibre to my new build

can you see poles which would supply your home with fibre?

have you check your new home to see if there is an ONT fitted as per the notes


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Re: Advice on getting Fibre to my new build

When you say new build do you mean brand new build , in that you are the first occupant and are purchasing from the builder/developer , so it’s simply a relatively newly built property and others have lived in it before you ( so chances are there is no developer to speak to ) .

If it’s brand new and the developer didn’t take the ‘free’ option of FTTP , then you would get copper if that’s what the area is currently served with , small , one man band type developers may fit into this category,  if they build one or two properties on a spare plot of land ( or demolish an existing property and built a new property or properties on that plot ) ,then the usually free offer of FTTP requires a contribution towards the infrastructure from the developer, some are not prepared to pay this relatively small amount, if it’s a developer of any scale , then it’s unlikely to not have FTTP , as they tend to build sufficient properties that they don’t need to make any contribution whatsoever.

There is obviously something odd about the fact that if you use the address , it shows no FTTP but if you use the phone number allocated, it doesn’t just show FTTP available, but that there is already FTTP fitted ( the ONT exists with an active service ) .

Have you actually looked inside this property yet ?

FWIW, if this ‘new build’ was constructed on the plot of a demolished building, you may be looking at the entry for the old demolished building ( that doesn’t exist ) , have you tried using the UPRN function, assuming you know it , rather than what you assume to be the postal address.

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Re: Advice on getting Fibre to my new build

There are no visible poles, I believe all the cables are underground, I am due to move in next weekend and BT are settings things up the same time and can’t see an ONT as in your picture.

BT said only standard broadband is available in the area because the developer opted for copper, but I don’t understand why partial fibre isn’t possible since that only requires a copper connection from the cabinet, the exchange is fibre enabled and I believe I should be getting FTTC from what I’ve understood 

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Re: Advice on getting Fibre to my new build

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