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BT Home Hub up and down all day every day!!

Hello Community,

I am running out of patience with BT on this.  We have had issue where we seem continuous drops in connectivity on both Wi-Fi and ethernet connected devices.  This has been going on for months.  Back in June a new router was sent, and things appeared to settled down, but still was not 100%, and over the last two weeks it has become so unstable it is unusable.   I run ping commands to the router and to Google, and they can drop packets every 2 or 3 minutes, then stay stable for a period of time, and the reverts back to being up and down like a yo-yo!  I have a program running which logs failed pings and in a period of 24 hours I have seen over 80 dropouts - some last a few seconds some last over a minute or so. 

The shorter dropouts don't change the colour of the lights on the router but longer ones the light goes solid orange, and then back to blue.   

BT send the "Tech Expert" who only runs a speed test, speed is not the issue as when connected I get nearly 500mb.  Then I show them the dropouts - they hand over to Openreach.  A few days open reach come over and test the fibre all is working from the exchange to the ONT according to them, but dropouts continue to happen whilst they are there. 

They then revert to "it must be BT at the head end.  Another new box is shipped this week (third one in 4 months) and it still happens.

Contract is up next month, so I am just about ready to quit on BT, we have given them so much time to fix it, and I believe we have tested and shown them in a very analytical way the problem, and yet we are no closer. We have replaced switches, every cable, and 3 Home Hubs.  We are going way above and beyond what we should need to do IMO.

My last resort before leaving BT - I am asking here if anyone has a clue what could be going on?

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