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Broadband outage

Hello all.

I’ve been unfortunate enough to have a full service outage since 13/07/22. The fault was caused by physical damage to the cabinet at the end of my street. Between SSE and openreach the cabinet was repaired slightly ahead of schedule on 19/07/22.

However, since then I have still had issues with the service. According to the status checker on BTs website there are 3 further faults detected, 2 with differing estimated fix dates of between 1 and 2 weeks time and a third with no information available. 

Currently I get a full service between 8am-10am, 6pm-8pm then again from around 10pm-1am. The time in between i have no connection to the internet and my openreach modem shows no DSL or internet connection. I’m informed that this is due to traffic being routed to a different exchange to provide some kind of service. 

As nice as the call centre staff have been at BT nobody has been able to shed any light on what the issue may be or when i can expect normal service to return. Obviously openreach themselves are unable to help so I’ve hit a very frustrated end on the problem. I’ve spoken to BT every other day and been sent down multiple avenues but there has so far not been an explanation on the problem since the original cabinet repair.

My wife needs to work from home and although I’ve been provided with a 4G hub the service from that is as patchy as the broadband service so as you can imagine this only adds to the frustration and inconvenience.

Can anybody advise as to anything else I can do to at least get some information on the current situation or are my options exhausted? 

Thank you 


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Re: Broadband outage

Sorry to hear of this, not easy to deal with I know and particularly when you have a family member trying to work from home.

Hopefully one of the forum moderators can get on the case for you and at least get you some realistic info on when things will be fixed.  The mods can work wonders as I have found in the past.

Best of luck!


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