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Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

I’ve been experiencing frequent connection drops recently. Reported the fault a few times on the BT site over the last month or so.

I think the problem may be the BT Smart Hub 2, it’s had a burning smell for a long while but has remained stable for the most part over the last year or so.

This hub was a replacement for the same connection drops issue I was experiencing previously, and this hub fixed the problem for a long while - despite the smell.

I’d like to try a replacement to see if that will resolve this dropping connection issue. Can a mod here please arrange a replacement smart hub 2 for me?

This problem is frustrating for gaming as I am getting dropped out of matches. Tonight I spent 20 mins in a co-op session where I was 10 mins from the end, and the connection dropped. Meaning I have to restart from the beginning. After 5 mins or so of flashing lights the connection came back, and again the connection dropped again some 20 mins later. It’s dropped again a few more times before me finally posting here.

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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

you need to phone CS 150 and ask for a replacement hub as you can smell some burning from your current hub

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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

I’d rather deal with a mod on here as I have done before. I presume mods here can still arrange a replacement?

At least that was the case a few years ago.

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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

Mods deal with cases that haven't been able to be resolved by the usual methods. A simple hub replacement can be dealt with by customer services.

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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

Hi @besmirched,

Thank you for posting.

The quickest way to have your hub replaced is by calling 150 as suggested by @licquorice and @imjolly.

Please give them a call and let me know how you get on?



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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

Ok, thanks for the advice. I called and had it replaced without issue.

It’s been connected for 6 days now with no further drops so far, hopefully the drops are resolved now.

One outstanding quey I have is with regards to BT Wi-Fi. I don’t want outsiders being able to connect to my BT Hub. 

Last time I believe I had to have a mod opt me out of this. Can a mod please opt me out of BT WiFi with my new hub?



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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

You don't need a mod to opt out of BT WiFi.

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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

Thanks for that. I’m not 100% sure if it worked as opting out returned me to the home page with no confirmation.

The connection has been fine with the new Smart Hub 2 for 10 days now, that is until tonight.

The internet disconnected with a purple the orange light about 11pm. And again just now around midnight, no purple, just orange light. It reconnects after a few minutes but interrupted Prime streaming this evening.

My question is - is this normal? I had read somewhere previously that drops can happen during the first few weeks of getting a new hub as it stabilises. Is there any truth to that?

Also, before these drops occurred this evening we did notice a black box hanging from the phone line outside the house. We don’t look at the top of the house often but for some reason this caught my eye earlier.

I took a photo of it below, any thoughts? Edit: Apologies for the rotated photo, for some reason it’s flipped when posting here, but you can see what I mean. The hanging black box looks about the size of a 4-way plug extension lead.


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Re: Connection dropping - please send replacement hub.

That box is probibly lighter than the cables and shouldn't cause a problem.

Your image wasn't rotated by the site, it shows exactly what your phone took, a landscape image.

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