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Ending contract early? Stayfast guarantee and faults.

Hi all,

  We moved into a new build last September with Openreach fibre to the premises installed.

I wouldn't have gone with BT normally but when we moved in they were obviously (suspiciously?) the only provider that were able to provide a service down the new line, I assume this was because Openreach installed it and it takes time for the installation details to filter through to other providers.


Anyway, all was OK. Consistent 495meg or higher (500meg package) download speed using a TP Link Deco X60 system connected directly to the ONT. From September until a few weeks ago.

The speed, sometime in the last few weeks, has dropped to 90meg download. I contacted BT who got me to plug the BT smart hub in, ran a load of tests and agreed it was a fault. Then, they asked whether I had a Huawei or Nokia  ONT. I said Huawei and he said he was going to change something on their side and to switch the ONT off and on. - This fixed it immediately and I was back up to 495.


However, a day or two later and I'm back down to 90meg. I contacted BT again and they're sending an engineer.

The trouble is, with my understanding of how fibre works and my reasonable knowledge of technical stuff - I'm pretty sure the fault doesn't lie with wiring or equipment or anything on my end. I think it's a fault on their end with profiles or settings. I've been here before and I know how it goes. You go round in circles for months and you're lucky if it ever gets fixed.


My question is. Has anyone any experience of getting out of their contact early under the guarantee? Obviously you have to give them a chance to fix it, which I will. But I want to get my ducks in a row to leave if they don't.


Also. Does anyone technically minded have any idea about the fault?

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