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FTTP Issues

Hi guys,

Came home today to the router light orange. It's been alternating from orange to blue to red. The connection has been dropping in and out however lights are all green on the Openreach box.

I called tech support and did the diagnostic robot who said no fault. They have sent an engineer which is going to take a week.

I spoke with an OR engineer who lives a few doors down. Told me the issue is most likely related to the swap out of equipment as they are replacing all the Huawei equipment in the area and the new equipment has limited engineers skilled in it.

Is there anything anyone would suggest? Here's a speedtest I just did. No issues with upload but download is massively throttled down. This is the 2nd issue within 3 months I've had since getting FTTP installed, first one was a chip got fried in the local exchange. Almost wishing I never swapped over at this stage.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: FTTP Issues

I would say you have been pretty darn unlucky.

There is no doubt that equipment aside FTTP is the superior technology for reliability once those fibres are spliced properly, and for most the equipment never screws up.

I personally cannot get a stable error free coper line anymore. at least I know your problem would actually be fixed, and can't wait for the local altnet to finish the FTTP install here, not that BT is bad it's just the copper line sucks especially with the expansion cab and everyone on FTTC here and all the cross talk. Couldn't get a stable BTTV signal and it was becoming unwatchable .

I'm coming up to the potential issue of electing to stay on crappy copper line, or pay for 2 services and potentially having to pay an exit fee or fight to exit my contract BT contract on speed.

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