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FTTP installation questions


We are due to have FTTP installed in a couple of weeks time. Our CSP is on the front wall, which is the kitchen. We really don’t want external cable which will look bad against the brick exterior. But having just spent a lot of blood, sweat and tears getting the interior how we want it, we don’t want exposed cable inside! 
So we were wondering if the engineer would be likely to install as follows:  cable enters through front wall as close as possible to the CSP (which will bring it in behind the dishwasher). Then run through external grade waterproof trunking (which we will put in place ahead of the engineers visit), behind/under the kitchen units, washing machine, cooker etc and exit the trunking at the end of the kitchen cabinets next to the fridge freezer. ONT and hub to be installed above fridge-freezer, and plugged into double socket above worktop.

We could put fish tape through the trunking if that would help.



I’ve marked the photos with x to show the entry point and possible placement of ONT and hub, dotted line for route of trunking, and circled the power socket.

Any comments or suggestions welcome!

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Re: FTTP installation questions

I suppose it’s up to the engineer on the day, but if you make it nice and easy for them then I can’t see them objecting.

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