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FTTP on demand


My property has slow broadband over copper wire and I would like to upgrade to fibre. Openreach have no plans to connect the property any time soon. I am next door to a business property that is having a business fibre line installed as part of the construction. Given Openreach is laying the cable to them it would seem sensible to connect it to my property too. Does anyone know how I go about enquiring to Openreach to get this done or if it is possible. The distance from the business to my property is less than 5 metres.



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Re: FTTP on demand

If you want to order the same product that the business has ordered, that option is available to you , but it’s likely that it’s a fibre leased line and primarily a business product , and leased lines are expensive compared to residential broadband services….if it is a fibre leased line they are getting, it in no way helps you get fibre broadband any quicker .
If the business has ordered FTTPod then if your address is identified as being served from the CBT that the FTTPod order is providing, then your address will change to show WBC FTTP as being available once the network is provided.
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Re: FTTP on demand

that is disappointing. So even though Openreach are digging a substantial channel to access this property I cannot ask them to supply fibre to me? What is so different about a leased line and a domestic line, I would have thought they would have redundancy in the cabling supplied to the business that could be used to connect a domestic customer or is that wishful thinking?

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Re: FTTP on demand

You would need to find an ISP that supplies FTTP on Demand, BT does not,  and order it from them. Part of the installation costs may be cheaper because of the Fibre being there but it would still be a higher cost and higher rental than a domestic line.

If you want to remain as a domestic customer you can not just ask an ISP to piggy back off a FTTP on Demand line. It will not happen because as said, they are two different products. 

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