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Fibre 1 Speeds

i signed up to a contract For Fibre 1 in February 2020 and the speeds on the contract are Download  speed of 49 - 73 mbps and a Stayfast Guarantee speed of 43 mbps

With the contract about to end i contacted Customer Team to ask about a new contract for Fibre 1 and was told that the speeds will now be lower in my area with a Download speed of 30-33 mbps with a Stayfast Guarantee of 33 mbps. Also i was told those speeds could not be bettered even on Fibre 2. In addition those lower figures also applied to my current contract !!

my questions are:-

Can Bt change the Stayfast Speed during the course of the contract ?.

Why is the faster Fibre 2 speed not achievable even though the ability to sign up is ?.

Any understanding would be appreciated as i was given conflicting information from two customer Team members

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Re: Fibre 1 Speeds

Your actual speed that you are currently getting will not change, your line will connect at the fastest speed possible. If it is below the artificial cap of 55M for fibre 1, changing to fibre 2 will make absolutely no difference as it just removes the cap that you are already below. The stayfast estimates are based on gathering real world data and will change over time as the data improves. You previously had an optimistic estimate.

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