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Fibre installation and open reach delays bo internet now for 7 days and counting

I have been a BT customer for years and could not fault their service till now.  I recently got full fibre broadband installed to my premises the installation went as planned .  Until i was told there was a problem with the exchange and a part needed to be replaced by openreach.  I immediately phoned bt at 08:30 in the morning as my old service had been cut off and i was reliant on Broadband  for work as is my son.  The desk  said they could not do anything until openreach was tasked and i could not get an update from them as they were a separate company.   i escalated to a manager and they said the same even though on a previous email i was ensured i would not be left without broadband.  They sent out a mini hub but that did not arrive till monday 7 days after the fault.  I was then informed the engineer has been tasked for Sunday or Monday to fix the fault.  That day is now passed and again i am still without broadband.  All updates i have got have not provided any information the problem and when it will be fixed.  also saying sorry does not sort the issues of getting this up and running and having to deal with issues from my employer as is my son as we cannot work properly.  The service from BT has been terrible and something i would expect from other providers not BT.  If this is not resolved soon i will be taking further action as it is causing damage to my work and income and will be also looking to another provider . 

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