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Full Fibre 900, missing Xbox pass ultimate help?

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Hi all

I currently have Full Fibre 900 with BT Halo 3+ having taken it out beginning of Feb 23.

My package 'supposedly' includes Xbox pass ultimate at no extra cost for 12 months.

I have attempted adding it once via the link in my BT, however I received notification that I would be charged £10 per month. I called BT and they advised that they would 'reset' my account - however still no Xbox pass.

I called BT again on 30/03 to enquire where my Xbox pass was and was again told the account would be reset, and the 12 month pass would be available in my BT within 24 hours. Guess what, it still isn't there. Not only do I still not have a game pass, but my  full fibre 900 account has been reset 3 times pushing back my contract start date from 09/02/23 to 30/03 /23.

I can see the add Xbox pass in my BT, however it tells me it is a £10 per month cost. To confirm at no point have I received an email from BT with an XBOX gamepass code on it (not even sure if that is supposed to happen?).

Has anybody experienced the same issue, or have a suggestion as to a resolution?




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Re: Full Fibre 900, missing Xbox pass ultimate help?

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Hi @hwatts and welcome back.

It's been a long time but great to see you again. Sorry you're having problems with the Xbox game pass. I'm sure we can sort this out for you. I'll need a few details so please check your inbox for my message and drop me a reply.