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Full fibre install advice before install

We are moving to Full Fibre at the end of the month and would appreciate any hints or tips people have based on their experience of the process. For us I suspect it will be via overhead cable dropping down and coming into the property near where our router currently is.

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Re: Full fibre install advice before install

Decide where you want your ONT to be placed, make its as easy possible for the Openreach engineer to run the cable and mount the ONT, near a couple of power sockets.  

Most will get a CSP box outside first, which is connected to the pole, then another engineer will connect your ONT to the CSP. Don't let them tell you cant have the ONT where you want it, or the route you want to take. If needed, they should have 20m drop cable kits in the van, if not ask them to go get one. 

Sometimes you will get a lazy install engineer who will tell you they can only drill behind the CSP.  (Customer Splicing Point)  Optional, but i would have tea and milk on hand. 

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Re: Full fibre install advice before install

I cannot give you any advice apart from stating the obvious but I can tell you of my experience when I had it installed a few weeks back. He was a Kelly engineer. First thing he did was ask me where I wanted the router. We then discussed where the cable was going. My house has a wide external chimney and at first we decided to place the cable across it from the pole and then down. But I then asked if, instead of crossing the chimney where it would be visible, it could be routed down in the corner and across the chimney near ground level where it would be less obvious. It would mean using more cable but he agreed to do this providing I pruned a shrub. He also replaced the cable from the pole to the house. So, a good experience by a very obliging installer. He did the lot in about an hour.

As the previous poster said, you will need power near the router. My only tip would be as polite as possible if you require something above and beyond.

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Re: Full fibre install advice before install

@dansus and @Takahashi thank you both for the advice.

One further question which type of biscuit to go with the tea...😄!

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Re: Full fibre install advice before install

must be chocolate 😋

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