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Re: Internal cabling for BT fibre

I run external ethernet cat 6 cable through small bore external ducting between my house and garage which had a few bends  in it.

I found it quite hard trying to pull the cable and eventually stopped in fear of damaging the cable.

I then used silicone cable lube which made pulling the cables 100 times easier.

Cable was bought from Screwfix.

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Re: Internal cabling for BT fibre

I've got cat5e - it's the remainder of what the house was done with, so I'll use that.

Never heard of cable lube so will look at that.

What is the best way to splice the two cables so that the phone cable can be used to pull the cat5e?
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Re: Internal cabling for BT fibre


When I doing industrial electrical installations we always used cable lube but it was the professional stuff.

You can get the Ideal Yellow lube at Screwfix for around £5.

We weren't pulling twin & earth or Ethernet cables, all the cabling was in individual cores in conduit but we'd turn the cables back on themselves to form a loop that we just wrapped with insulation tape then threaded a draw cord through the loop & turned that into a loop with insulation tape.

I never ever had a cable run where the draw cord ( or draw cable in your case) broke free.

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Re: Internal cabling for BT fibre

So they have come and installed an internal CSP. 

How do I remove (without breaking) the hardware unit from the housing? I'm in process of running ethernet cable to comms cupboard and want to tidy up the drive cable to protect it.

 Difficult to squeeze the 3 clips shown.



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Re: Internal cabling for BT fibre

Meant to say that is the ONT and not CSP. I can't see how to remove it without causing damage to the housing.
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