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Moving house no fibre slots available


I am looking to move house but rely on a good internet connection for work, fibre is available in the area but the cabinet is full and so I can only get the standard broadband connection. Does anyone know how often slots generally become available and if there is any way I can find out if more slots for fibre are due to be added? It seems so drastic to pull out of a house purchase because of internet speed but this is what I may have to do, but if slots come up regularly eg in a few months, then I could wait it out but there appears to be no way of finding out. 

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Re: Moving house no fibre slots available


Its Openreach that provide the capacity, so there is no way of finding out. All you can do is to order standard broadband, then upgrade as soon as capacity is available.

You can use the BT Broadband Availability page to see what is available at you new address. 

You may also consider 4G broadband meanwhile, if you have coverage.


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Re: Moving house no fibre slots available

A slot frees up when the previous slot is given up, from memory I think it's Friday when the database updates, then it's first come first served.

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Re: Moving house no fibre slots available

There is absolutely no way of finding out and there certainly isn't any general timescale. It will virtually always depend on somebody ceasing their service rather than there being spare slots for extra cards to be fitted to provide further slots.

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Re: Moving house no fibre slots available

Yes I am checking daily and have considered the 4g option but there is no guarantee regarding coverage and reliability and this cannot be known until moved in. I will also have to pay for a 4g unlimited package and a standard broadband connection to get connected if I go ahead with the purchase, the current occupant has no internet connection.   Thanks for the info. 

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Re: Moving house no fibre slots available

Thanks, I am looking daily! 

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Re: Moving house no fibre slots available

If it is any consolation, it wouldn't have helped if there was currently a broadband connection at the property as you wouldn't have been able to take it over automatically, it would have been ceased and up for grabs by the first person to get an order in.