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New switch from copper to FTTP? No FTTP internet after install? FIX here...

After my copper to FTTP upgrade I lost all internet but clung on as my Hybrid Connect device took over.

Several help calls left advisers perplexed so a home visit was arranged.

After a few checks - yes, internet was available at the ONT modem - after a replacement ONT and reregister of the ONT Modem in case that was the issue (it wasn't) - the engineer team stumbled upon and corrected the fault successfully. From the engineers comments this fix was news to them.. The Openreach telephone advisor they were talking to was also ignorant of this fix.

In case it helps others, here's how...

On the BT Smart Hub 2 access the Hub manager by visiting on your PC/Laptop browser. Log in using the admin password on the back of the router.

Select Advanced Settings - select Broadband - enter admin password again if requested.

On the Internet tab scroll down to Full Fibre (FTTP) mode and select ON

Exit the menus and reboot the router.

You should now have the Full Fibre feed.

Here's the explanation from the (?) point at this setting:

Although we deliver your BT Smart Hub to you pre-configured for your existing Broadband service, there may be times when we ask you to change this configuration.For example when moving to Full Fibre Broadband.

The “ON” mode is only for Full Fibre Broadband, where your Hub’s Ethernet port 4 connects to the Openreach Full Fibre modem.

The “OFF” mode is for any other BT Broadband service using its Broadband port. Ethernet port 4 can therefore be used as a standard Ethernet port to connect wired devices to your home network.
So: OFF for copper connection, ON for Full Fibre.
Some BT/Openreach fitters are failing to make this switch as part of the install.
I hope this walk-through may help avoid booking an engineer visit.
All the best, Martin
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Re: New switch from copper to FTTP? No FTTP internet after install? FIX here...

Hi, I’ve just switched to FTTP and I had a SH2 from June 2019 never used, and when trying to connect to the Fibre there was no connection. So we updated the FW but whilst waiting for this and for the FTTP toggle switch to appear in the Hub Manager the DSL line was disconnected and so it wasn’t possible to get the hub manager to enable this FTTP toggle button so I’m awaiting a replacement SH2 with the ability to turn on the FTTP in the hub manager. Unless someone else has any solutions to this ?

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Re: New switch from copper to FTTP? No FTTP internet after install? FIX here...

Afraid not, you are in a catch 22 situation. A replacement hub is the only solution.

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