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No Broadband connection


yesterday there was an issue with our internet connection, it was going down every 5-10 minutes and then up again then down and in a loop like this. After a couple of hours, it worked fine. However, since this morning, there's been no broadband connection at all (Orange blinking light)


Device: BT smart hub 2

Firmware: v0.42.00.10167-BT 


I've already tried all the basic solutions like reboot, checking the cable connections, factory reset and reconnection but no success.

Not sure though if there need to set up the broadband password in the router admin panel (username: but the password is blank). As far as I remember password field was empty, if it's not - let me know what it could be by default. E.g. phone number or BT ID password.


If anyone has an idea of what it could be - please let me know. Can provide more info if you need some


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Re: No Broadband connection


Bit of logs

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Re: No Broadband connection

If you have a phone service, that still uses the master socket you could  check for dialtone , if you have no phone service or it’s Digital Voice , so uses the router , this won’t help .

The obvious thing is to call BT and they will test the line , if it’s obvious faulty and the location of the fault isn’t close to your home they may be able to raise an Openreach visit without you needing to be at home , or they may make an appointment in case you need to be available to let the engineer into your property….either way without reporting the issue it’s not likely to be fixed,  unless your problem is part of a wide spread issue affecting many others , in which case it may already be getting fixed without your input, personally I would call to get it looked at.

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Re: No Broadband connection

Good idea, we don't have phone service, unfortunately. I've already booked an appointment but the engineer will come in a week, which is a really long time to be without internet, so thought maybe there's another way to try to fix it, thanks for response.
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Re: No Broadband connection

I think you are unfortunate as this is Easter holiday weekend so engineer visit bit longer than normally expected

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