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No broadband because of digital voice

I have had no broadband since 17 May - evidently it's to do with the installation of digital voice which I did not ask for and was assured by BT that it would not affect my broadband. BUT it did. Has anyone else had this problem. I am still waiting for a resolution.



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Re: No broadband because of digital voice

digital voice should not affect your broadband so can you give more information.  what colour is light on hub? is your landline connected to phone socket on back of hub not the previous phone socket

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Re: No broadband because of digital voice

Thanks for offering help - but have been through all of that with BT many times -  the hub was flashing purple, we conducted a factory reset and finally BT remedy was to cancel my broadband contract and start with a new order. The epic part is I have received a charge for cancelling my contract early ! Evidently Open Reach are conducting some 'line work'. It must be a very long line as it is taking for ever.

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